We are selling our ship ‘Albatros’. The ship was built as a FRIESE TJALK in the year 1892 at Echtenerbrug (Friesland), in the north of the Netherlands. The TJALK is a traditional dutch sailing-ship designed for transporting cargo. In 1936 the ship was enlarged and modified as a motor-tjalk,finally the previous owner transformed it into a living-ship with a daylight-photostudio.

The ALBATROS is an iron ship, built with a thickness of 7mm., powered by a BMC diesel-engine with a capacity of 120 h.p.(estimated). Iron was used because in those days the process of making steel was unknown. The characteristics of iron are completely different: it is less flexible, it has more resistance against corrosion because there is more carbon in it and less Fe.


  • Length x Beam: 25,44m x 4,47m
  • After-deck: 4,50 x 4,25m
  • Fore-deck: 6,60 x 4,30m
  • Maximum height inside: 2,20m. (can be made higher)
  • Livingspace: 115 sq.m.(without engine-room).
Click image to view PDF

Click image to view PDF

Heating: The ship has central heating and is also equipped with a modern woodstove.

Parts of the ship: bow-space (anchorchain, aggregate/24V), darkroom (photography), cupboard-bed, corridor, photo-studio. Large deck-house with kitchen,dining-table (4-5 persons), storage-space under the floor, bathroom with shower, engine-room, stern-space (bedroom).



Asking price is € 89.000, no transfer-tax.

Pictures – outside

Pictures – inside